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Birds (and Podcasts) Need Treats

While most owls can hunt mice and other tasty critters to survive, The Book Owl needs your support to keep her feathers fluffed and to keep you entertained.

I’m trying to keep costs low, but podcasts aren’t the cheapest things to run. From hosting, to equipment, to the time it takes to record and edit an episode, it all adds up.

There’s oodles of way to help support the show, and if I get enough treats, I’ll be able to vastly improve how I deliver the show to you.

None of the options below are expensive, and some won’t cost you anything extra, so please check them out and toss the Owl a treat if you’re able.

Another big support is to review the podcast, either in your favorite listening app or on Podchaser (which is THE place for podcast addicts).

6 Easy Ways to Give The Book Owl an Affordable Treat…

Click the thirsty bird below to buy The Book Owl a $3 cup of coffee (no, birds shouldn’t have caffeine, but if you don’t tell the vet, I won’t). You’ll be redirected to Paypal where you can pay


Purchase a book from The Book Owl’s alter ego, Tammie Painter. If you’d like to purchase ebooks and audiobooks directly from Tammie, you can visit her Payhip store.


Shop for anything you like on Amazon using THIS LINK. It costs you nothing extra, but The Book Owl gets a tiny commission to fluff up her feathers.


Delight The Book Owl Podcast each month with a tasty treat, a mousey dinner, or a full meal deal. Just click here or the icon below to feed a hungry owl.

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