Whoooo is the Book Owl?

Discover the answers to “owl” your questions!

  • What is the Book Owl Podcast?
  • Where Can I Listen?
  • How Can I Get Even More Out of the Podcast?
  • How Can I Give the Owl a Treat for Her Hard Work?

What is The Book Owl Podcast?

The Book Owl PodcastThe Book Owl Podcast is a passion project by a die-hard lover of books, history, reading, libraries, and writing. After a long incubation period, those passions combined with a snarky sense of humor to hatch a podcast filled with everything books, minus the reviews.

A book podcast with no book reviews? What in the world are you talking about then?

Everything book related. This is definitely a podcast by a book nerd for books nerds!

I dive into the stories of unique books (such as ones that might kill you), quirky bookstores (such as one with a train running right through it), and adventures in reading (did you know dogs can read?).

I’ll also take you to sensational libraries, tell you some gossip about your favorite writers, and explore the curious history of literacy. And, okay, if a book really grabs me, I might do a review, but only rarely.

Sound good? Then be sure to subscribe to The Book Owl Podcast today!

Who’s Behind the Microphone?

That’d be me. My name is Tammie Painter and I love books so much, I decided to write a few of my own.

In addition to several award-winning stories, I’ve completed two historical fantasy series that have taken readers into a captivating new world where the gods, myths, and heroes of Ancient Greece come to life.

I’m currently working on a contemporary fantasy trilogy that includes magic, mystery, pastries, and zombies…because who doesn’t love zombies, especially ones with posh British accents.

If you’re curious to learn more, head over to my main site at TammiePainter.com

Where Can I Listen?

Well, you could listen right here on this website by visiting The Book Owl Blog, but the best way is to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite listening app.

Whether that’s Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, YouTube, or some other app, you’ll find all the links you need on my Subscribe page.

Not sure what any of that means? Then try out my Start Here page for a little Podcast 101.

How Can I Get Even More Out of the Podcast?

More? You’re already getting a free podcast, you greedy little monkey!

Okay, fine, if you want more, I’d encourage you to sign up for The Book Owl Podcast Newsletter. 

Each week, you’ll get listening links, show notes, special announcements delivered straight to your inbox. 

But wait, there’s more. You’ll also get one extra tidbit (trivia, photos, discounts, ???) with each delivery.

All you have to do is Sign-Up today.

How Can I Give the Owl a Treat for Her Hard Work?

Aw, thanks for asking. Now I’m sorry I called you a greedy little monkey. 

I’m trying to keep costs low, but podcasts aren’t the cheapest things to run. From hosting, to equipment, to my time, it adds up.

There’s oodles of inexpensive ways to help support the show, and if I get enough support, I’ll be able to vastly improve how I deliver the show to you. 

All of the options on the Support Page are affordable, and some won’t cost you anything, so please check it out and toss the Owl a treat if you’re able.

Another big support is to review the podcast, either in your favorite listening app or on Podchaser (which is THE place for podcast addicts).

Can I Pet the Owl?

No, her beak is sharp and I don’t have liability insurance. However, you can get in touch with The Book Owl either through email or social media. Just visit the Contact Page to learn how. 

That’s also a great place to go if you have any other questions about The Book Owl or about podcasts in general.

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