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The Book Owl is (Almost) Back!

Hello Book Nerds,

That’s right! The Book Owl has dusted off the microphone. I then spent a few moments scratching my head wondering how in the world I recorded, edited, and did all that other podcast magic.

But the good news is that during my spring break, I didn’t forget how to jump through any of those podcasting hoops (phew!) and have an episode ready for you.

That episode comes out on the 20th and is going to be full of history, humor, and (comic) book nerd-y goodness.

This episode is just a quick announement with pretty much this same information, if you want to give it a listen. Otherwise, I will hoot at you very soon!


The Undead Mr Tenpenny https://books2read.com/CassieBlack1

The Uncanny Raven Winston https://books2read.com/CassieBlack2

The Untangled Cassie Black https://books2read.com/CassieBlack3


While You’re Waiting for The Book Owl’s Return,Be Sure to Check out May’s Marvelous Book Bargains…

May’s a marvelous time for mythological mayhem! https://books.bookfunnel.com/godsgoddessesmythology/if37q30xku

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May is also a marvelous time for magic-filled mysteries: https://books.bookfunnel.com/mysterious-urban-fantasy/q5zlhmmr4g


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Go on, hoot at me...

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