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A Little Magic, A Little Mystery, A Lot of Books

Hello Book Lovers!

Don’t worry, just because I’m on a little podcast break, I won’t leave you without some form of entertainment.

With The Undead Mr. Tenpenny (aka “my latest release”) being full of magic and mystery (and snarky humor), there were a couple of amazing book bundle invites I couldn’t resist.

I mean, paranormal mystery? A witch-filled book fair? Talk about a couple great matches!

So, if you like paranormal fiction mixed with a little mystery, you’ll want to check out that first promo below. If you like witches tossed into your contemporary fantasy, then that second promo below is right up your reading alley.

Please, Please, PLEASE Do Take a Peek….

As ever, even if you don’t buy a thing, it really is a huge help for me and all the authors taking part if you take a minute or two to browse each of these collections.

And yes, your bundle browsing is a huge support!! I can only continue to be invited to participate in these promo spots if I can get readers (that’s you) to check out what’s on offer.

You don’t have to buy a thing, but please do pop in a take a peek. it really does make a difference. And who knows what you’l discover!

And of course, if you do buy anything, let me know what you selected. I’m always curious about what you’re reading!

Thanks everyone! Happy book hunting.

Discover some intriguing paranormal mysteries, all with clever ladies doing the sleuthing…

Or how about some witch-filled paranormal fun, fantasy, and fantastic deals?

Go on, I dare you to beat these fantasy bargains…

Like a brain teaser? Well don’t get fooled by these intriguing mysteries….


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