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Seven Very Strange Cookbooks

Hey Book Nerds!

If you caught the episode last week, you’ll have ventured through the history of cookbooks. And most of those cookbooks were not only used to cook up loads of tasty treats, but also were a bit “normal.”

But as mentioned in the episode, my research sent me wandering the Internet lanes in search of some less normal cookbooks. And that research turned up some doozies!

This was a bonus feature for the folks on The Book Owl Podcast Newsletter, but I figured these were too good to keep to myself. And who knows, you might need one of these for your holiday baking.

Warning: These may either leave you feeling too disgusted to eat any holiday treats, or laughing so hard you forget it’s 2020. Wait, that might be a good thing.

Alright, you’ve been warned, here’s….

Seven Very Scary/Strange/Silly Cookbooks

You just can’t make this stuff up…

Of course, if you missed the episode and want to learn what rotting meat and imaginary friends have to do with the evolution of cookbooks, just click the image below or search for The Book Owl Podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Bon appetit!!

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*Note: Those book links above are affiliate links. They cost you nothing extra, but if you purchase anything I earn a tiny commission.

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