Book Bargains

Five Book Sales That Will A”MAY”ze You

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.

It’s a new month and that means it’s time for all new book promotions!! And boy, do I have plenty for you to choose from, including new releases to big ol’ box sets, and deep discounts to fully-fledged freebies.

Also, as part of my “owl”-ter ego’s (sheesh, I’m full of puns today) pre-launch push for her latest novel, The Return of Odysseus, you’ll find at least one of her books in each of the promos below….Even better? Several of those books are free!

Have fun with your book hunting!!

Sale #1: Hang Out with the Gods & Goddesses 

If you’re tired of your family and/or roommates, why not spend some time with the gods from mythologies around the world? This sale ends in next week, so don’t dilly dally.

Sale #2 features all things new!

Unlike some other specials that feature older books, each of the choices in this promo is brand new this month!! Some may require pre-ordering, but that means you’ll be the first to have it in hand on release day.

Sale #3: Don’t Stop Reading!

If you get hooked on the first book in a series, there’s no need to waste time hunting down the next book with this terrific promotion that will have you binging on entire series in no time!

Sale #4 Is Absolutely Fabulous Marvelous

This promo is full of bargains and freebies that will tickle your fantasy- and sci-fi-loving soul, and help you escape into some wonderful new worlds (since this one is a bit lame lately).

And Last But Not Least…

If you’re subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, author Dean Wilson has hand selected several science-fiction and fantasy tales he’s sure will delight you through the month of May (including my story Space Walk).

Did you discover anything new in these promos? I’m curious to know what you picked up, so don’t be shy about sharing your finds in a comment below!


About these promos (and a little request)…

These promos are organized by indie authors via Book Funnel (except the 99c sci-fi one) to help spread the word about each other’s books. It’s basically free advertising and is VERY effective.

To be a part of any of these promos I need to have a “good reputation”…in other words I need to share the links to the promos with as many people as possible.

If I don’t share, I risk being removed from the promo AND being excluded from other promos…and believe me, with my limited advertising budget, that would be BAD.

I get “points” each time you click on the links above. Those points don’t affect you in any way or cost you anything, but they do boost my reputation.

So, what I’m saying is, Please click on the links above and peruse the promos just for a few seconds. It’s a HUGE help that will allow me to keep advertising my books in a budget-friendly manner.


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