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Value Your Life? Then Don’t Read This Book.

It’s the premier episode of The Book Owl Podcast!!!

We’re being bombarded with news of scary things going on throughout the world, which means I know you’re eager to find out about something else that will kill you.

Although reading and books seem like safe pastimes, there is one book out there that will kill you.

In this premier episode of The Book Owl Podcast we’ll discover the story behind the woman who wrote this troublesome tome and the danger it still poses today.

But first, a little about this podcast launch….

Now, I had planned on waiting until May to launch this new endeavor, but that timing mainly was due to a vacation I had planned for late April. Then a pesky little virus reared its spiky head and threw everyone’s plans in the bin, but also meant there was no reason to delay the launch.

Except for all the other podcasts launching right now…

You can’t blink without a new coronavirus-related podcast coming out, schools are podcasting to keep their students engaged, and bored celebrities are begging for audio attention.

So, yeah, this is possibly the worst of times to launch a podcast. Or, maybe it’s the best of times because it will give me a chance to sort out any wonky bits before too many people discover the show.

Either way, I’m THRILLED you’re here and if you want to help The Book Owl Podcast get off to its best start possible, please do subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts (links can be found HERE or below).

And, if you want to get even more out of every episode (I’m talking bonus tidbits!) please join flock by signing up for The Book Owl Podcast newsletter.

Thanks for listening everyone, and enjoy the episode!!!

Note: There is a sound quality issue (low volume) that couldn’t be resolved in editing. It’s not too terrible, but just remember to turn down your earbuds once you finish listening.

For the show transcript, please visit this post.



This episode was sponsored by Indigo Books & Movies where you can take 30% Off Bingeworthy True Stories (Ends April 19)


The Book Owl Podcast is a production of Daisy Dog Media, Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved

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